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Dave Thurlow, Host
Hi, I'm Dave Thurlow and this is The Weather Notebook. Everyone talks about the weather, including myself. But it takes a rare breed to be obsessed by it. In the meteorology world, such dedicated folks are often referred to as "weather weenies." There's even a page on the World Wide Web dedicated to the one-track minds who would rather discuss, or debate the weather more than anything else.

Each week, this Web site pays homage to the Weather Weenie of the Week, chosen by a group at Colorado State University. The tradition was started in 1989 by Ian Baker, who still maintains the Web site. At first, the winners were mostly fellow students. One was picked because he literally dreamed about The Weather Channel. Another won for measuring the snowfall rate 10 times in one hour.

Today, the site honors weather nuts from all over the country. There's the guy who had to leave a bachelor party at midnight to make a rainfall measurement. Then there were two climatologists who verified that you get wetter walking through a rainstorm than running through it. They weighed their clothes before and after their test, and they found that the runner's outfit was forty percent drier than the walker's.

Some weenies even think about weather at dinner time. One honoree went into a restaurant and ordered Fujitas instead of fajitas, accidentally referring to the late, great tornado researcher Ted Fujita. You can visit the Weather Weenie Hall of Fame website, by visiting our website, at weathernotebook.org.

Thanks today to contributing writer and weather weenie Bob Henson. Our show is underwritten by Subaru with major support provided by the National Science Foundation.

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