Have You Seen The Ozone Layer?
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Dave Thurlow, Host
Hi, I'm Dave Thurlow and this is The Weather Notebook. Scientists are struggling to deal with the disappearing ozone layer. Comedian Lewis Black knows what to do:

Lewis Black
"Everybody knows why the weather in this country is out of control. It's because we lost the Ozone layer. Well, if we lost the ozone layer, why don't we put it on milk cartons and try to find it.

It's absolutely ridiculous that we live without an ozone layer. We're the most technologically advanced country on the planet. We've got men, we've got rockets, we've got saran wrap. Fix it. And the only thing we've come up with to deal with the fact that we have no ozone layer, is sunblock. And I don't trust that stuff at all.

Have you ever read the ingredients in sunblock? I've never seen those words anywhere. We don't even know what this stuff is and we slap it on our face. And I guarantee in 10 years you're going to go to the doctor and he's going to look at your chart and go 'look at your cholesterol...it's out of control.' And you'll go 'but doc, I've been eating all the right things.' And he'll say, 'were you using sunblock regularly?' And you'll go 'of course.' And he'll go 'that's your problem.' You could've eaten all the sausage you wanted.'

Why do we trust sunblock? The people who told us about sunblock are the same people that when I was a kid said eggs were good. And then they said eggs were bad. And then they said they were good...then said they were bad...then, they actually said that the yellows were bad...the whites were....MAKE UP YOUR MIND. It's breakfast, we gotta eat.

I'll tell you what I like to use. What I find really works. Crisco. There's no Crisco 1, Crisco 9, Crisco 75. No, it's just Crisco. You never get burnt with Crisco. Why? Because when you start to sizzle, you move."

Lewis Black is a commentator on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. The Weather Notebook is funded by Subaru and the National Science Foundation.

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