The Century's Top 10 Weather Events
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Dave Thurlow, Host
Hi, I'm Dave Thurlow from the Mount Washington Observatory and this is The Weather Notebook. Weatherwise Magazine asked a group of meteorologists to determine the top 10 weather events of the past century. And this is what they came up with:

Number 10 - the New England Hurricane of 1938, sometimes called the New England Express.

At number 9 is El Nino of '97-'98, the year when El Nino became a household word.

At number 8 is perhaps one of the most underrated weather disasters, the Mississippi Flood of 1927.

Number 7 is Hurricane Camille, the only category 5 storm to make landfall. It hit the Gulf Coast in 1969.

Number 6 is Hurricane Andrew of 1992, a category 4 storm that hit Florida causing an unbelievable $25 billion in damage.

At the midpoint, at number 5 is the Tri-State Tornado of 1925. This single tornado travelled over 219 miles and killed 700 people.

Number 4, the Superstorm of 1993. From Florida to Maine, this March storm produced snowfall as widespread as any this century.

Number 3 is the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, which killed as many as 12,000 people by some estimates.

At number 2, the super tornado outbreak of 1974 across the Mississippi and Ohio valleys. There were 48 tornadoes, 30 of which were of F4 or F5 intensity.

And, at number 1, the choice is The Dust Bowl, an event that had repurcussions on all of American society, but was ultimately caused by the weather and poor farming practices.

Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas. April 18, 1935.
NOAA Photo Collection

For more information on this list, check out Weatherwise Magazine, or you can visit our website at mountwashington.org. Thanks go to Weatherwise Magazine, Subaru and the National Science Foundation.