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Hi I'm Bryan Yeaton and this is the Weather Notebook.

There's a nude - uh, I mean new kind of weathercast in Europe and today, Correspondent Bob Henson takes a closer look.

If you see your weathercaster tossing the shirt off his back, it's probably just the latest trend from Europe. A couple of years ago, TV Nova in Prague had its weathercasters doing a backward strip tease. Each night at 11 the weather anchor started the show naked. Then he or she put on clothing based on the forecast. If the next day looked like a scorcher...well, you get the picture.

Sex appeal is a time-honored gimmick, of course. Back when TV started, our weathercasters were virtually all male. Then in 1952 a station in New York hired a woman named Carol Reed. Within a couple of years there were so-called "weathergirls" all across the country. Even Raquel Welch got her start doing weather. On "The Tonight Show," Tedi Thurman sprinkled in double entrendres like this one: "In the morning, rain. In the afternoon, dew. In the evening, don't."

When I grew up in Oklahoma, we had a no-nonsense weathercaster named Lola Hall. She didn't need any double entendres. When there's a twister approaching, your attention level's already 100 percent, and the only hormone that kicks in is adrenaline. These days on TV, it helps if you're a bona fide meteorologist, but it doesn't hurt if you're good-looking.

Still, I doubt we'll go as far as Radio Tango in Norway, where this spring they started using nude announcers. Their motto is "more weather, less clothes." As for me, I think I'll keep my shirt on...at least while I'm on the radio.

Thanks to Bob Henson, in Boulder, Colorado. The Weather Notebook is produced for the Mount Washington Observatory by Margaret Landsman.