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Antarctic Lakes
Fri Jun 25, 2004

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The Antarctic interior, the coldest place on Earth, experiences only brief periods each year with temperatures above freezing. Yet beneath miles of ice, scientists have discovered liquid fresh water lakes. Hi, Iím Bryan Yeaton for The Weather Notebook.

At least 70 unfrozen lakes lie below the continental icecap. The largest, Lake Vostok, is 1,300 feet deep and covers an area equivalent to Lake Ontario. And, it lies 12,000 feet below the Antarctic surface.

How can a lake survive two miles under ice at the coldest place on Earth, where temperatures have plummeted to -129F?

First, ice is a good insulator, thus the capís bottom ice is warmer than the upper surface. Under the pressure of two miles of ice, iceís melting point falls to about 25 degrees, rather than the usual 32 degrees.

Also, the icecapís weight causes it to slowly creep toward the ocean, and that creates heat through friction as ice rubs against the underlying bedrock. Finally, geothermal heat from Earthís interior continually flows toward the ice-rock interface, enough to melt some bottom ice, but not enough to significantly impact the icecapís thickness.

Lake Vostok has been probed using NASAís ice-penetrating radar. The lake is believed to have been isolated from the surface for perhaps 15 million years and its dark waters may contain unique microbial life.

Researchers started drilling slowly through the ice to learn Vostokís mysteries in 1998, but halted about 500 feet short of the liquid water to avoid any contamination. Some believe the waters could fizz like a pop can when the pressure is relieved. Drilling will extend another 150 feet this year while scientists debate how the final penetration should best proceed.

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